Joy to the 4th and Macdonald Garden

Hello fellow gardeners,

Happy Holidays and welcome to the 4th & Macdonald Temporary Community Garden!

Even though green shoots and daffodils feel far away, it's nice to know our garden beds at 4th & Macdonald are patiently biding their time for all the great bounty that warmer weather offers. You can almost taste those first spinach sprigs. Almost.

Here are a few important garden notices:


Unlike many Parks-affiliated community gardens, our temporary garden does not require volunteer hours from gardeners (although there will likely be opportunities to help out if you're keen).

The garden is yours to make the best of, and we hope you take full advantage of this unique experience. Our biggest request is that you care for your beds (watering, harvesting, etc) and not let your plants wither and die or turn to rot. Keep in mind that the wait list for this initiative could fill three more gardens, which means you're one of the few to get a spot.

Oh, and also: have some fun with it!


The main gate on Macdonald will be open year-round, though the 'official' hours for the site are dawn to dusk. Once you've registered for your bed(s), feel free to head over as often as you like. It's a little late to plant, although you might have some luck with garlic.

There is a cedar box (the garden 'shed') located in the center of the garden. Inside the garden shed, you'll find a few rudimentary tools, such as buckets, hand tools and a shovel. We also have a dozen or so tomato cages for folks to make use of in the spring.

****The combination for the shed lock is 000.****

Please make sure to lock the shed when you're done with the tools and to leave it in tidy order.


We send out a monthly email at the start of each month detailing dates, deadlines and important garden news. You'll also find an occasional ditty of growing advice. Keep an eye out for this in your inbox.

Things won't really get moving until after first frost in March (even early April). Look for an email around this time with details about the Garden Opening event, which will serve as an opportunity to meet fellow gardeners, have some fun on the site and pay any outstanding Garden Fees with cash or cheque. We'll also hook the water up at this point.

If you're keen to get in there in February with your snow peas or arugula, feel free. The space is there for you to take advantage of.

Hope to see you around the garden soon,