Another Season at the Alma & 10th Garden!

Hello fellow gardeners,

Call it a holiday miracle: the Alma & 10th Temporary Community Garden has been extended into 2018!


We are happy to announce that our little garden will continue through to fall of 2018. This great news means you can keep growing your own veggies, herbs and flowers and expanding your knowledge of the gardening craft.

A few notes for next year:

1. Look for an email in early 2018 with details about how and when to register and pay for your beds for the upcoming year. The garden fee will be the same as last year ($15/bed).

2. Your bed(s) from 2017 will continue to be your beds for 2018. Let me know in an email if you're interested in taking on extra beds; there will likely be some turnover.

3. Speaking of which: please let me know ASAP if you are no longer interested in growing with us for the 2018 season. The wait list for this garden is immense.


A final reminder that if you are finished with your bed(s) for the season, please take the time to clear out any dead plant matter and put in the black compost bins. If you're up for it, you can gather a couple armloads of leaves and spread over your soil as winter mulch. It's unfortunately a little late to plant anything, but you might just be able to make a go with garlic. Consider it.


But we'll have the hoses set up after last frost in March or early April.


As most of you know, we were part of building a new garden down the street at Broadway and Alma. At this time, we will be allocating beds in the new garden to newcomers and folks on our wait list to spread the opportunity around. Thanks to all who expressed interest in the Broadway & Alma Garden.

Happy holidays and all the rest,