Garden Opening at Alma Next Saturday April 8th!

Hello fellow gardeners,

First and foremost, welcome to the Alma Temporary Community Garden! We have set a date for the Garden Opening event and hope you can make it out, rain or shine!


The garden opening event for the Alma Temporary Community Garden is scheduled for SATURDAY APRIL 8th, and will run from 10am to 4pm.

This is a great time to meet your neighbours and to plant your first seeds. We'll have our farmer friends on site to sell seed packets, seedlings and bulbs, and to answer questions about what grows best this time of year. With seeds and plants, and a variety of garden tools, we'll have everything you need to plant your beds.

In addition, we'll have the paint kit out for kids (and adults!) interested in creating a personalized name placard for their beds, so remember to wear your 'work' clothes if you can.

Early arrivals can enjoy coffee and cinnamon buns courtesy of Grounds for Coffee, and there will be a plant and seed prize giveaway (valued at $25) every hour, courtesy of the project sponsor, Landa.


The Opening is also an opportunity for those wishing to pay their Annual Garden Fee by cash or cheque ($15/bed/year) to do so, and it serves as the deadline for your 2017 registration fee.

You can also pay online at


CLICK HERE to visit the garden web page, where we've posted both the garden map and the garden bed allocation chart. Each garden bed is numbered, and corresponds to the garden bed number in the allocation chart: pretty basic, but do make sure you have a close look...there are a number of gardeners with the same first name!

If you have any questions or concerns about your bed allocation, don't hesitate to let us know in an email.


1. The garden is open dusk til dawn. The garden will officially open its doors on April 8th.

2. There are tools and buckets in the garden shed for you to make use of. The combo on the lock is 604. Please hose off tools and buckets before returning them to the shed.

3. Please get in touch with us about any garden-related concerns (such as leaky hoses, busted nozzles, theft, vandalism, or garbage). You can reach me at For emergencies, please call or text.


The Alma Garden Facebook Group is the best way to communicate with other gardeners, share notices, photos and interesting articles and videos. To join the FB group, CLICK HERE.


For those looking for something deeper, here's a very helpful guide to companion planting, broken down by flower/vegetable. This approach to gardening is age-old and very intuitive and totally worth a bit of research––you could save yourself majorly come June, when the aphids start to descend and BOOM, your nasturtiums are blooming in defense.


See you soon.