Holidays at the Burke Mountain Garden


Hello fellow gardeners,

Happy holidays, and thanks for another great year at the Burke Mountain Garden!

Here are a few notes from the year that was, and some updates on the coming season:


If you haven't visited the new garden site, do so! The development team did a great job ensuring the beds were handled with love and care...some might even agree this spot is better than the last.

The registration process for 2017 will be the same as the previous spring, and, as always, returning gardeners will hold onto the same beds. Look for an email early next year.


A final reminder to clean out any green waste (re: dead plants) from your beds to avoid rot. We delivered and distributed a few bales of straw earlier in the month, which you can rearrange if you like.


It was a tough choice, but we have selected a winning photograph in our Second Annual Photo Contest. This photograph was sent to us by Mary, a gardener in our Commercial Drive garden. Here's what the judges had to say:

"We couldn't resist the vividness of this shot; it's as though the photographer managed to freeze time in order to capture the intimacy between her two subjects. Un-bee-lievable!"

Congratulations to our two runners-up, Charlotte and Dymetha, from the Southeast False Creek Community Garden and the Hastings North Garden, respectively.

Thanks to all those who participated!


Happy Holidays