Burke Mountain Opening

Hello fellow gardeners,

We have set a date for the Garden Opening event and hope you can make it out, rain or shine!


The garden opening event for the Burke Mountain Community Garden is scheduled for SUNDAY APRIL 23rd, and will run from 10am to 12pm.

This is a great time to meet your neighbours and to plant your first seeds. We'll have the paint kit out for those interested in creating a personalized name placard for their beds, so remember to wear your 'work' clothes if you can!

We encourage everyone to arrive with their seeds and starts––we'll have a delivery of bagged compost for you to mix into your beds before planting.

The Opening is also an opportunity for those wishing to pay their Annual Garden Fee by cash or cheque to do so, and it serves as the deadline for your 2017 registration fee. Please have your payment in to us by the 23rd!


On that note, here is a link to our online registration and payment page. Click here to REGISTER AND PAY FOR YOUR BURKE MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY GARDEN MEMBERSHIP 2017. The fee for the upcoming year is $15 per bed.

As always, returning gardeners will hold onto the same beds they gardened in 2016.


The garden will stay in place at its new location for the current growing season! Plans are currently underway to relocate the garden to a nearby location on City property, where it can continue to thrive as a more permanent garden. Stay tuned.


This will be old news to most, but here's a refresher on the day-to-day function of the garden.

1. The garden is open dawn to dusk.

2. There are tools and buckets in the garden shed for you to make use of. Please hose off tools and buckets before returning them to the shed.

3. We'll have the watering system hooked up by the garden opening. Look for details about this in a mid-month Facebook post at our Burke Mountain Group.

4. Please get in touch with us about any garden-related concerns (such as leaky hoses, busted nozzles, theft, vandalism, or garbage). You can reach me at garden@shiftinggrowth.com. For emergencies, please call or text.


If you will not be returning to the garden for 2017, please let me know so that I can pass along your beds to a new gardener. To pass along your beds and unsubscribe from our email list, CLICK HERE!


Anyone with kids will appreciate this simple, informative video on how plants grow from seeds....who knows, maybe even the adults learn something unexpected from Jessi and Squeaks (I did, I'm only somewhat embarrassed to admit).

For those looking for something deeper, here's a very helpful guide to companion planting, broken down by flower/vegetable. This approach to gardening is age-old and very intuitive and totally worth a bit of research––you could save yourself majorly come June, when the aphids start to descend and BOOM, your nasturtiums are blooming in defense.