For each new garden/growing space, Shifting Growth reaches out to the community to get individuals engaged and aware of the project. Clear, well-planned dialogue with the community ensures all issues have an opportunity to be discussed and identified. Shifting Growth has engaged and consulted with thousands of individuals who want to grow food and flowers throughout the lower mainland.


We focus on creating quick, low-cost simple garden spaces. Our standard garden bed creates the design inspiration for all our garden spaces - wide accessible paths with raised garden beds. 

Garden opening & events

We make a big deal when we open our gardens. We bring in our partners to make a memorable experience for our gardeners - ensuring they have the knowledge and supplies to get growing. We've also hosted a number of events for private clients. From public consultations for future developments to creating temporary indoor community gardens, our mobile garden beds create a unique, memorable experience for community members & participants.

Youth Programming

Youth Building Communities (YBC) is a Vancouver-based youth engagement program run by Shifting Growth. The program aims to give youth meaningful volunteer experience and an opportunity to become more involved with their community. Together with the Vancouver Tool Library, Shifting Growth provides volunteers activities for youth from a Vancouver School Board Youth Outreach Program. Since 2013, Shifting Growth has worked with the Take A Hike Foundation to give youth meaningful real-life volunteer experiences in a safe, structured, fun format.  The youth help build and maintain Shifting Growth’s temporary community gardens while participating in community volunteer activities and earn volunteer hours needed for high school graduation. Shifting Growth has logged over 1000+ volunteer hours from local youth. 

Garden Management

Shifting Growth is a turn-key property manager. We manage properties as community gardens. Shifting Growth assumes all tasks required to manage private property. From weekly garbage removal, graffiti removal, weeding, snow removal - we do it all managing private, urban property. 

As compared to vacant lots, community gardens:

  • Lower crime rates.
  • Reduce illegal dumping.
  • Increase sense of community.
  • Add green and open spaces.
  • Lower carrying costs for Landowner.
  • Lower property taxes for Landowner.
  • Increase community dialogue and improves relationships with communities. 

To learn more and talk, please link to our contact page.

Shifting Growth is certified safe by WorkSafe BC.

 Click the picture to see all our gardens!

Click the picture to see all our gardens!