Dunbar Community Garden - Signup 2015

Hello fellow gardeners!
Welcome to the 2015 growing season. In case you haven't heard the good news, we will be able to continue growing at the Dunbar Temporary Community Garden for another year. We've also launched a new website for this year, with an easy-to-use garden registration and payment page. It's a bit of a change, but Shifting Growth will be taking over the administrative responsibilities for the Dunbar Garden this year. We hope you'll join us again in making this season a bountiful one.

If you are receiving this email you have already been assigned a garden bed/beds at the Dunbar Temporary Community Garden.

          Complete the Garden Registration and Pay your Annual Fee
              *** your Gardener Fee is $15 per bed, for all of 2015 ***
To secure your place in the garden, fees and agreements are due before the first day of spring (March 21st) –– for new and returning gardeners.

        - 2015 Garden Bed Map: Dunbar
        - 2015 Garden Bed Allocation: Dunbar

We kick off the 2015 season with a garden clean-up party in March (date TBA) to remove straw, spread fertilizer and prep the beds for the growing season. The official garden opening event for this year is scheduled for April (date TBA), when your earliest seeds should go in the ground (see 2015 growing calendar). 
Here are some gardening resources to get you thinking about what you want to grow this year:
A 2015 growing calendar (when to plant what)
A 2015 garden and seed catalogue
Beginner gardening and growing tips VIDEOS
***Make sure to secure your spot in the garden by viewing the Agreement and paying your Gardener Fees –– CLICK HERE.***
If you are not interested in growing this year, or have any questions or concerns about your bed allocation, feel free to contact me at garden@shiftinggrowth.com.