Beds to Rest at the Dunbar Garden

Hello fellow gardeners,

During this turning of the season––as the sunlight shores up a couple minutes more each day, and the leaves fall from the deciduous trees, and everyone seems to be nuts for pumpkin-flavoured anything; when we pack up our summer toys and shake the dust from our raincoats and woolens, slap fenders on our bicycles, reactivate winter cravings (hot chocolate, IPA, don't pretend you haven't been thinking about cheese); when we give thanks for the shelter over our heads, the food in our pantries, the hot water running through our taps, the joy of family and friends together at one table––it's good to take stock of the simple ingredients that made our gardens grow all summer long. Sunlight, soil, water: this one's for y'all.

Here are a few garden updates for October:


As everyone knows, the Dunbar Garden is a temporary one, which means we operate year-to-year, based on agreements with the landowner. We hope to continue the garden into 2018, but at this time, we don't yet know for sure. Look for an update in the coming months––fingers crossed.


Most of us are starting to see a major slow-down in vegetable production, which is to be expected. If you are finished with your bed for the season, please take the time to clear out any dead plant matter and put in the compost bin in the far corner of the garden. We're looking into mulch options for later this month. Stay tuned.

Happy Thanksgiving.