Sun at the Dunbar Garden, We Hope

Hello fellow gardeners,

Spring is here––er, maybe, kinda, I mean there was snow this week––and that means we get to turn our attention to growing food and flowers!

Here are a few important notices for an optimistic March:


The garden opening event for the Dunbar garden will be in mid-April––we'll set the date before the month is out so you can mark it down in your calendars. This is a great time to meet your neighbours and to plant your first seeds. It's also an opportunity for those wishing to pay their Annual Garden Fee by cash or cheque to do so!


Please help us out by registering for your beds for 2017. Payment can be done online, by cheque, or with cash at our Opening Event.

Click here to REGISTER AND PAY FOR YOUR DUNBAR COMMUNITY GARDEN MEMBERSHIP 2017. The fee for the upcoming year is $15 per bed.

As always, returning gardeners will hold onto the same beds they gardened in 2016.


If you will not be returning to the garden for 2017, please let me know so that I can pass along your beds to a new gardener. To pass along your beds and unsubscribe from our email list, CLICK HERE!


We'll be delivering bagged compost for you to make use of in April. Plan on adding a bag or two before you plant your seeds and starts (if you can bear to wait!). I'll post a notice on the Facebook Group when it's arrived.


This always seems to be the big question come spring: when can I start planting my spinach seeds? Growing up in the virtuous, ink-and-paper world of the Pre-Internet Age, my family took our cues from the Old Farmer's Almanac. Yes, the medium has changed since then, but the Almanac is still a great source of wisdom. Check out their Seed Planting Calendar for Vancouver!

Note that this spring, unlike 2016, has been particularly cold. I for one will be holding off for a week or so longer than usual before getting seeds and starts in the ground. The last frost date for our region isn't until March 28th.