Manure at Dunbar!

Hello fellow gardeners,

Seedlings are officially growing in the Dunbar Garden, thanks to warm(ish) weather and steady rain. Here are a few important updates and reminders for the growing season:


There have been some lingering questions about the combination on the garden shed lock. It is 604. Inside the shed you will find buckets and an assortment of basic hand tools. Please hose off these items before placing them back in the shed.


There is bagged manure for you to make use of. It is stashed behind the wooden structure by the watering system. Try and ration your use to one bag per 1.5 beds. Empty bags can get stuffed into the pallets and we'll collect the trash over the next few weeks.


Community garden theft is an unfortunate and unavoidable reality to all community gardens, and it is likely to be no different at our garden this season. Please let me know if any of your crop has been harvested by an unwanted harvester. If anyone happens to encounter said harvester in the act of harvesting, a bit of education often goes a long way; not everyone grasps the idea that the garden is not a 'free' garden for public consumption.

That said, here are a few tips to consider for what to plant to avoid pilfering:

1. Greens (like lettuces, kale, spinach, etc) tend to get passed over because they not easily 'plucked' the same way a tomato might be.
2. Underground veg (carrots, radishes, beets) are great because the good stuff is hidden in the soil.
3. Herbs!
4. Big leafy veg like chard, bok choy, and collards.
5. Shiny, colourful fruit and veg (peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, etc) make for easy targets.

This is general advice and nothing to fuss too much over. The best compass is often closest to the heart (or stomach): plant what you love to eat!

And finally: it's salad season. I found this mouthwatering recipe slideshow to be very inspiring. Hopefully you can make use of your garden bounty in an interesting and vogue way.