August at the Dunbar Garden

Hello fellow gardeners,

It is hot out there! And while some vegetables and flowers struggle through the heat, well watered beds are bursting with colour and bounty: tomatoes, gourds, beans, kale, lettuces. We hope the harvest is filling the fridge!

Here are a few garden updates for August:


We're well into hot, drought-like weather––beautiful beach conditions, but a real strain on our plants and the watering system at large. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you encounter any leaks or busted nozzles.

Also note that smoking is prohibited on the site. We want to minimize the fire risk!


We are aware of some recent garden theft and vandalism that has left some gardeners feeling a little spooked and disheartened. Thank you for your photos and updates on this front; we've put in a report with the VPD, and hope that this individual (or individuals) will steer clear in the future. We've tended to find that thefts happen in rashes, then dissipate after a few weeks. 

If this issue persists, please notify us immediately. Thanks!          


If you haven't yet picked your garlic (or if you have, and are in the early stages of 'curing' and storing), here's a quick video that offers some basic tips on how it's done.