Garden Members & Sign-up

To complete this Gardener Signup, you must be either: confirmed by Shifting Growth (already allocated a bed) OR a returning gardener. If you are a returning gardener, you will be allocated the same beds as the previous year.

Every year, each Gardener is required to complete all 4 steps:

1) Read & review the Garden Rules 

- View online here /or/ download pdf here

2) READ& Review THE GARDEN Agreement

- View online here /or/ download pdf here

3) Complete the online Gardener signup

Select a Garden to join.
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4) Pay Garden FEes


In order to secure your garden beds, you must pay an annual Garden Membership fee. Garden Bed fees for the 2016 growing season (for all gardens) are: $15/bed/year (1 bed=1 box)

1) Pay ONLINE - Click here

2) Pay by Cheque: Payable to "Shifting Growth Garden Society" #210 - 128 W. Hastings St. Vancouver BC, V6B1G8

3) Pay cash at our monthly events (email to get on email list and link to garden blogs here!)

If you have any questions or trouble, please contact: