Raised Garden Beds

Our raised garden beds are a quick, high-quality solution for creating low-cost, long-lasting garden beds. Made with Western Red Cedar from the sustainable forests of British Columbia, Canada. The raised garden beds are cornered with a custom powder-coated (black) hinge bracket, secured with powder-coated (black) durable wood screws. The corner bracket design allows for the garden bed to maintain shape and durability for 10+ years!


Prefabricated Raised Pallet Garden Bed


The prefabricated, assembled kit Includes:

  • 1x Pallet
  • 1x Liner
  • 2x Raised Garden Hinge Kits (assembled)

Pallet Raised Garden Bed

The Pallet Raised Garden Bed is a growing space that sits atop a shipping pallet! BC cedar wood boards siding a brown recycled pallet lined with a high-quality geotextile. Ideal for concrete or any 'temporary' space! Great to improve drainage while reducing weeds and roots.


Delivery & Assembly

Pallet Garden Bed - FULL

48''(L) x 40''(w) x 20'' (h)

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Pallet Garden Bed - HALF

48''(L) x 21''(w) x 20'' (h)

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*Discounts start at 4+ beds! Contact chris@shiftinggrowth.com for a quote



raised garden kit


The GArden Hinge Kit Includes:

  • 4x pre-drilled Western Red Cedar wood boards
  • 4x Garden Hinge
  • 32x Black screws

Garden Hinge Custom Corner Brackets

The Garden Hinge Raised Garden Bed Kit is a stackable raised garden bed with unique  hinge corner bracket - allowing each corner to open up to 180°. Each assembled kit is stackable, allowing for various heights (each wood board 7.25’’ height). Adjust to create different shapes too! Ideal for soft ground/grass.

Assembly Instructions:

Assembly is required, approx. 10 minutes/kit. Tools required: hammer, Robertson #2 (square) screwdriver. Assembly steps: Screw (32x) screws into pre-drilled wood, then hammer pin (x4).

Raised Garden Bed Kit - 2x2
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Raised Garden Bed Kit - 2x4
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Raised Garden Bed Kit - 4x4
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Delivery & Assembly


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handmade in Vancouver, BC

Orders with cash/cheque can be accommodated, please call 778.381.8337