First Frost at the Hastings Garden

Hello fellow gardeners,

Fall has been generous to us at the Hastings North Community Garden––plenty of sun, warm days, and rain when it counts. We're still seeing production from plants that went into the ground over six months ago. I, for one, haven't bought kale from a grocery store since February. I have grown a bit tired of kale salad, but hey, the gardener taketh what the garden giveth away.

Here are a few garden updates for November:


We will be shutting off water at the garden and removing the hoses this week to avoid freezing damage over the winter. We'll start the water up again in spring, after the final frost.


If you have dead/withered plants in your beds, it's time to pull them up in preparation for winter. Green waste goes in the black compost bins. We've set up an overflow bin along the western edge of the garden, by the blue SuperSave bin, which can be filled as well.


The final stage in putting your beds to rest for the winter is to cover them with mulch. There are large piles of leaves at the garden for you to make use of: we ask that you put leaves on your own bed, and do so as soon as possible. You are welcome to plant a cover crop (like clover) instead of mulching, but even over-winter crops (like kale and garlic) benefit from a good couple inches of mulch. See the photo below for an example of what a 'resting bed' looks like.


For anyone who wants to send a photo into the first annual photo contest, we're pushing the deadline back one week, to November 7th. To enter the contest, please send your top pic (only one per gardener, please) to

The winning photo will be announced in our December Garden Update, and the winner will get their beds for free for the 2016 growing season.


Here's an example of a garden bed that has been cleared of plant matter and nicely mulched. There's really no such thing as too many leaves––go crazy.

And for those suffering from kale fatigue, here's a fresh take on the ** kale salad ( from one of my favourite food blogs.

Happy Halloween,


Garden Manager

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