Keeping on at the Hastings Garden

Hello fellow gardeners,

These long, hot days are both a blessing and a curse at the Hastings Garden: boxes are bursting with life, but it can be a slog just to keep those boxes watered.

Here are a few garden updates for July:


I'm sorry to report that our local vandal has struck the garden again. Who knows who the culprits are, or why anyone would take pleasure in ripping up corn and squash plants in the middle of the night, but this is the unfortunate reality of our little oasis. If you, like me, lost plants in last week's attack, then I'm sure you're feeling pretty angry. There have been a lot of suggestions on the FB page on how to remedy this issue, including the installation of motion sensor lights, and we're always eager to hear your thoughts on possible solutions. We've passed this along to the community police, and the consensus with the authorities is that because our garden is a public space, there's very little we can do to keep the menaces out. For now, I think the best cure is perseverance: let's not let some yahoos take away our joy. Let's keep putting seeds in the ground.


This heat is taking a toll on the plants, but it's also creating a fire risk at the garden. A cigarette butt was discarded in the wood chips last week and caused a small fire (that was put out -- way to go Carol!). Going forward, we're going to ask that the garden be a non-smoking environment (for both gardeners and visitors to the garden). We'll get some signs up around the picnic table area, and I'll ask that everyone lend a hand in reminding anyone who might be smoking to do so elsewhere, off site. If, heaven forbid, there is another instance of a fire, please get in touch with me immediately.


We're well into the hot stretch and this means the beds get dried out very quickly. Make sure to give your plants a good dousing of water (ideally in the cooler 'shoulder' hours of the day), three to four times a week. It's good to see gardeners using the Facebook page as a resource for sharing watering duties -- let's keep it up!


It may seem bizarre to start thinking about the cooler months, but now is a great time to create some space in your beds for fall and winter crops (like carrots, beets, onions, broccoli, and cabbage). Check out this great resource from West Coast Seeds ( , and another concise article from the Vancouver Observer ( .

Let's hope for an end to this hooliganism,


Garden Manager

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