2017 at the Hastings Garden

Hello fellow gardeners,

It's a new year at the Hastings North Community Garden, and our outlook is good for 2017. Here are a few very important updates and notices for the upcoming growing season:


As everyone knows, the site of our garden is slated for future development. Through talks with the landowner, however, we are very close to securing another growing season that would allow gardeners to make use of the space until Fall 2017. We are very optimistic about the garden's future and hope to confirm this arrangement within the next month or so.


We hope to begin the payment and registration process for 2017 in February. In the mean time, we'll ask everyone to hold tight––not that the snow is very conducive to early seeding!

As always, returning gardeners will hold onto the same beds they gardened in 2016.


January can be a dull month for gardeners, but despite the cold weather and the dark days, there are always ways to welcome spring into your home. Here's a great article to get you thinking about creative ways to grow indoors and on your balcony. I particularly like the tea tin herb garden.


Happy New Year!