Summer Bounty, Watering Favours, Pest Control

Hello fellow gardeners,

We're in the full swing of food production, and that means our beds need even more attention when it comes to watering, harvesting and controlling common garden pests.

Here are a few garden updates for June:


We've had a bit of rain lately, but the month ahead promises to be a hot one all the same. Most plants appreciate a good soaking every second or third day, especially young plants and seedlings, which are more susceptible to drying out. It's a fine balance and one worth experimenting with: some plants (like tomatoes and gourds) don't like their leaves to get wet, others (like peas, carrots, and most brassicas) can handle the spray, while more delicate plants like lettuces run the risk of sun scalding if they're watered at peak sun.

If you know you will be away, here are the three best options for making sure your beds get watered:

  1. Ask a friend for a favour!
  2. Join the Facebook Group ( and use it to post watering requests.
  3. Place a WATER ME sign in or at the base of your bed to let others nearby know that you'd like some help with watering. The signs will be stored in the garden shed starting next week. Please return them to the shed when you're finished, so that others can make use of them.


There are a number of registered garden beds that have not been planted or cared for. Keep in mind that growing space in an urban center like Vancouver is a very limited resource and that we have a very long wait list of super eager gardeners super eager to make use of your unused beds.

It's our goal to see the garden used to its full potential, so all abandoned garden beds will be reassigned to new gardeners by June 7th. Please let me know if there are any extenuating circumstances keeping you away from your beds.


For the last month, your kale has been an epic Godzilla of nutrition, but some small unseen creature is starting to nibble its leaves, threatening to bring the monster down. Could it be aphids? Slugs? The dreaded cabbage looper? Argh!!!!!

Here's a great graphic ( on good bugs and bad bugs. And since aphids are the most common of the bad ones, here's a very simple and helpful video from a nice Australian gardener.

** ( Aphid control video -- check it out!

Enjoy the sun,


Garden Manager

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