Good Eatin' at the Hastings North Garden

Hello fellow gardeners,

We're entering the sweet zone for summer gardening, when everything we planted in spring is fruiting and blossoming and growing like crazy. Snow peas, lettuces, even tomatoes are making their way from the garden to our plates. It's a feast!

Here are a few garden updates for July:


Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with all that bounty. If you've got extra food, why not post something on the Facebook page requesting some help with harvesting. It's always tough to see homegrown food go to waste -- share the wealth!


It's getting hot out there. Make sure you give your plants a good two to three soakings per week, ideally during the cooler shoulder times of the days.

You've probably noticed that the nozzles are subject to damage, and we thank you for being so on top of letting us know when one of them isn't working.

Here are 3 things you can do to help with the nozzle-breaking situation:

  1. Hook the nozzle handle on the lip of your garden bed when you're done (as opposed to tossing it on the ground). This minimizes the cracking.
  2. There is now a spare nozzle in the garden shed. If you're comfortable doing so, we encourage you to make use of this spare and change out the dud.
  3. Keep letting us know (through email or phone) when there's a water-related issue at the garden.


July is pleasant weather even for weeds, which means we'll start to see them sprouting from the wood chip and the cracks in your beds. Please help us out by yanking up any of the culprits you find in your immediate vicinity. These plants can go in the green waste. Thanks!


With all this talk of summer bounty, it seems fitting to include a great recipe for anyone with an abundance of peas right now. From one of my faves, Smitten Kitchen.

Enjoy your July!


Garden Manager, Shifting Growth 778-707-0573 (m)