Sweater Weather at the False Creek Garden

Hello fellow gardeners,

It's that time of the year again––cool mornings, cloudy skies, orange tints in the tree leaves. Lucky for us, fall is also a time of bounty and ripeness. Tomatoes, squash and corn are coming into their full colour and sweetness, and the soil is still warm enough to germinate those same cold-hardy seeds you first planted way back in the spring.

Here are a few garden updates for September:


This is an obvious but sometimes necessary reminder to pick and eat your food. There is nothing worse than watching a delicious zucchini turn to mush on the vine because it's gone unpicked for weeks. If you can't keep up with the food coming out of your garden box, why not invite a friend to come harvest for you?


Another reminder to get out there with your cameras while the garden is still popping. We'll officially open up the call for submissions in October. Winning entry gets free boxes next year, as well as some serious bragging rights.


If you haven't yet considered planting a fall crop, do so! There is a very small window of heat left in the season (I'd give it til mid-September, max) to get a head start on greens like mustards, arugula, spinach and corn salad. Brassicas like kale, collard and broccoli also do well as fall crops, although you might want to get a head start on these plants and pick up nursery-grown seedlings as opposed to seeds.

A reminder that Figaro's Garden (http://shiftinggrowth.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=764a1db14c3c23e7a865a5214&id=397862edc9&e=9fd445186b) offers a 10% discount on plant starts to all community gardeners.


Our garden is a temporary one, which means that its future is never guaranteed. That said, we remain as optimistic as ever that we'll keep growing into the coming year.

If you are uninterested in keeping your plot for 2017, and would like to offer it to a new gardener for the fall, please get in touch with me as soon as possible.

This way, we can give someone a chance to get their fall crop in before the frost arrives.


This month's tip comes from an awesome urban gardening initiative in St. Louis called Gateway Greening. The topic (thinning) may seem self-evident, but the video is surprisingly insightful. If anything, it's a reminder that thinning your seedlings is something you both should do and also do with a certain degree of consideration.

Hope you enjoy!

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Enjoy the harvest,


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