Summer Bounty at The Drive Garden

Hello fellow gardeners,

Just when you think summer is here, the skies darken and the rain falls and you pull out winter sweaters and curse the fickle West Coast weather and wonder when your tan will ever stretch the full length of your body....but at least your spinach is happy, right?

Here are a few garden updates for June:


We have had a bit of rain lately, but there are sure to be hot stretches in the month ahead (right!?). Most plants appreciate a good soaking every second or third day, especially young plants and seedlings, which are more susceptible to drying out. It's a fine balance and one worth experimenting with: some plants (like tomatoes and gourds) don't like their leaves to get wet, others (like peas, carrots, and most brassicas) can handle the spray, while more delicate plants like lettuces run the risk of sun scalding if they're watered at peak sun.

If you know you will be away, here are the three best options for making sure your beds get watered:

1. Ask a friend for a favour!
2. Join the Facebook Group and use it to post watering requests.
3. Place a WATER ME sign in or at the base of your bed to let others nearby know that you'd like some help with watering. The signs are stored in the garden sheda. Please return them to the shed when you're finished, so that others can make use of them.


Warm weather tends to also bring the bugs. There are a slew of different garden pests, but also some really helpful, garden-friendly insects as well. Here's a great graphic on good bugs and bad bugs.

Aphids are sure to be the most common pest. These little buggers inhibit plant growth and eat away tender leaves. Three easy ways to get rid of them?

1. Plant repellent flowers (like marigolds and nasturtiums).
2. Physically remove the aphids with your fingers or by spraying water on them.
3. Mix up a light dish soap solution in a spray bottle and apply it regularly to the affected areas.