Important Update for the Drive Garden!!!

Hello fellow gardeners,

It's that time of the year again––cool mornings, cloudy skies, orange tints in the tree leaves. Lucky for us, fall is also a time of bounty and ripeness. Tomatoes, squash and corn are coming into their full colour and sweetness, and the soil is still warm enough to germinate those same cold-hardy seeds you first planted way back in the spring.

We have a few very important updates you should know about:


As most of you are aware, the property that The Drive Garden calls home is slated to be developed. Later this year, the 5-year agreement with the landowner in coming to an end, which means that this current growing season (2017) will be our final one. 

The garden will close permanently on November 15, 2017.


We hope that this timeline gives you ample opportunity to grow and pick the last of your harvest and to transplant any perennials you wish to hang onto. Anyone wishing to hold onto their garden art (a souvenir, perhaps?) can do so. Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to relocate the beds locally, but we do aim to reuse or upcycle the fleet of garden beds. Your input and ideas on this front are appreciated - let us know your ideas here at our Garden Closing Feedback Form.


We're collecting photographic memorabilia of the garden! If you've got a great picture you'd like to share (of gardeners, garden beds, or garden food), send it our way:


There are many hardy plants that just love the cool fall weather. We have a solid 60+ days of growing left at the garden––why not take advantage with a couple rows of fall crops? Now is the perfect time to plant mustard, lettuce, arugula, spinach and corn salad, to name a few.


For this month's Growing Tip, I thought we'd open the perspective a bit to the larger world of small scale agriculture. This insightful video comes from Curtis Stone, an urban farmer from Kelowna, BC. He's part of the growing small farmer movement, worth checking out and supporting!


Enjoy the harvest, and sorry for the sad news.