Since 2011, we have built, managed and removed temporary community gardens for community growers and private landowners.

Shifting Growth builds, maintains and manages temporary community gardens on private, vacant property. Shifting Growth manages a number of urban commercial properties as temporary community gardens throughout the lower mainland, British Columbia, Canada. To date, Shifting Growth has constructed over 2500 community garden beds throughout the lower mainland. Each garden bed brings together gardeners and community members, with thousands of local community members impacted through the shared, accessible activity of growing food. Shifting Growth has created gardens on vacant commercial and residential property, front & backyards, rooftop parking garages, condo balconies and even inside the Vancouver Convention Centre!


Shifting Growth’s mission is to transform vacant spaces into temporary community gardens and growing spaces. 


Through increasing the exposure of urban food growing and creating an accessible outlet for gardeners – Shifting Growth attempts to build lasting food growing experiences through temporary urban gardens.

Thousands  of individual community members have been directly impacted from Shifting Growth’s temporary community gardens. Access to growing space is a first step in creating green communities and providing community members an opportunity to grow their own food and teach families about food security.

Shifting Growth creates a platform for other purpose-based non-profit and community organizations to become more involved in the activity of growing local food. Shifting Growth has completed projects with: UBC Farm, posAbilities/Can You Dig It, Tradeworks, YMCA, Take A Hike Foundation, Vancouver Foundation, Rotary Club and many other local non-profit organizations & schools using Shifting Growth’s temporary gardens for new food-growing programs.

What We've Achieved

Shifting Growth has been featured in local and national coverage, with features in: